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Red Teaming

The gold standard for offensive security

Successful advanced persistent threats, so-called APTs, often compromise systems in an undetected way over a long period of time. Protforce takes on the role of the cybercriminal in Red Teaming, challenging your defensive measures in a multi-stage attack scenario.

Due to the large variety of threat situations, companies are increasingly investing in complex IT security solutions. These solutions often only address specific issues and therefore cannot cover all aspects of possible threat scenarios. This usually leads to a large number of IT security systems being used within companies. The effectiveness of these individual solutions is often validated with separate measures.

A comprehensive security strategy of a company not only emphasizes the utility of security solutions but also the establishment of adequate processes and trained employees.

The efficiency and interoperability of the combined use of all components can only be thoroughly verified under realistic conditions using Red Teaming.

Individual & Unique

The basis of Red Teaming is the tactical combination of different attack methods with which the reactivity and functionality of the implemented countermeasures is validated.

The Protforce Red Teaming includes the gathering of information, identification of threat scenarios and the execution of targeted attacks.

In doing so, we rely on adequate attack methods, develop adapted attack strategies and carry them out in compliance with recognized standards.

Security-conscious companies therefore have the effectiveness of their security strategy as well as the responsiveness of their internal defense mechanisms tested by attacks under realistic conditions. In this way, “blind spots” in cyber defense can be identified and possibilities for optimizing systems and processes can be illuminated.


Red Teaming:
Your benefits

  • ✓ Planning of highly effective and tactical attack scenarios that correspond to the level of an advanced persistent threat

  • ✓ Detection of vulnerabilities resulting from the combination of different attack vectors

  • ✓ Validation and subsequent improvement of implemented security measures