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Information Security Management System

Durable information security through confidentiality, integrity and accessibility

Successful cyberattacks can be devastating for businesses. Especially for organizations that do not have an IT security strategy, the effects can quickly threaten their existence as countermeasures can only be implemented too late or in an uncoordinated manner.



Without centrally defined procedures and instructions, potential problems and incidents in the information technology environment are often only considered reactively. As a result, in the case of successful attacks and other emergencies, the response is often delayed and without adequate coordination. Companies that do not establish a uniform security strategy or define any information security processes run the risk of weak points being created continuously and unnoticed.

The development of measures after the occurrence of a cyberattack leads to the loss of valuable time and no appropriate reaction to the attack being carried out where necessary. In the worst case scenario, a lack of corporate policies can lead to a standstill of operations and, under certain circumstances, promote or intensify the impact of an initial attack.

The introduction of an information security management system not only identifies and evaluates potential risks for the company in the area of information but also identifies suitable and establishes meaningful standards and procedures within the organization.


The allocation of responsibilities and the definition of necessary goals and measures are central components of an ISMS. The definition and setting of objectives are based on the core processes of your company resulting in an individual set of procedures and rules designed to define, control, maintain and continuously improve information security in the company.

Based on your needs as well as the size of your company and potential regulatory requirements, Protforce assists you in the selection, development and introduction of an adequate and future-proof ISMS.

Our security experts have excellent competences and many years of experience. This ranges from information security systems for SMEs such as the BSI Grundschutz, ISIS12 and VdS 10000 through to ISO 271001 certification in the KRITIS environment. Of course, we are also happy to support you in the context of re-validation, review or expansion of existing ISMS.

Especially an established ISMS must be adapted to the new requirements of a growing company. Protforce pays close attention to adapting the ISMS to your company and not vice versa.

The aim is to ensure that the ISMS is actively applied, modified or developed by the company on an ongoing basis and is therefore actively practiced.