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IT Asset Analysis

Keep the focus on your core assets

Historically established structures, missing or incomplete documentation as well as fast moving technologies are factors that make a transparent and secure administration of the IT infrastructure difficult.

Due to a lack of inventory, classification and prioritization of IT assets, the risk of operating outdated, insufficiently protected and insecurely configured systems in a productive system landscape increases. This inevitably leads to an increased probability of successful cyberattacks.

The lack of security focus on the business-relevant IT core assets can become particularly critical.

Protforce supports companies in the resource-sparing evaluation and inventory of their IT assets.

Successful and sustainable IT asset management is the foundation for the administration and operation of secure IT infrastructures. Protforce uses a combination of recognized threat models and existing risk assessments of your company to identify potential threats and, based on these, defines the necessary protective measures.

In doing so, we always take into account the possibility of sustainable use of the introduced IT asset management system in order to, for example, be able to build on existing foundation in the future implementation of an information security management system.

Protforce assists you both in the recording, evaluation and classification of your IT assets as well as in the introduction of productive IT asset management software with which all relevant systems and components can be recorded and transparently managed.

The consistent use of this solution not only sustainably reduces the risk of a successful cyberattack but also allows the economic and efficient use of all IT resources employed.