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Optimize the defense of your existing systems

Established infrastructures with a high degree of interconnectedness are complex and subject to constant change. This results in more diverse attack possibilities and threat scenarios. All the more important is the secure and correct configuration of existing and future systems as well as their components.


The exclusive use of standard solutions such as firewalls or anti-virus programs does not offer sufficient protection due to the growing number of threats. The defense against manually executed attacks, new types of malware and security gaps often poses a problem for the above-mentioned standard solutions.

Systems that have not been hardened are therefore often not only defenseless against attackers after a successful compromise, they also offer an optimal platform for further attacks on surrounding systems and networks. In this way, a successfully attacked system can be utilized to infiltrate the entire corporate network.

A large part of the problem arises from the fact that, during the initial implementation, systems are not necessarily preconfigured in a way as to meet the latest information security demands.

Keep your systems as unattractive as possible for hackers!

Protforce offers customer-specific hardening concepts and configurations that maintain the required functional scope of your systems while significantly increasing their safety. Known standards from CIS, NIST and the BSI are deliberately combined by Protforce with its own best practices to provide a maximum degree of hardening.

The protection that comes with the Protforce System Hardening not only reduces the disclosure of attack-relevant information but also minimizes the risk of attacks spreading further.