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Incident Response


Successful attacks on all types and sizes of organizations occur daily.

The risk of critical impact increases rapidly if it is not clear what needs to be done in the event of a cyberattack.

When attackers gain access to your IT infrastructure, multiple and sometimes unpredictable risks arise for your company. Regardless of whether the attacker manipulates processes and data, exfiltrates sensitive information or carries out more extensive attacks from your network: In addition to compromising your own business-critical processes, you also pose a glaring security risk to your business environment.

This means that your partners, suppliers and customers are also at increased risk of being successfully attacked indirectly - via you. For this reason, companies from medium-sized businesses are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals.

In order to specifically identify the origin of successful attacks and restore secure operation of your IT as quickly as possible, Protforce's Incident Response combines a planned approach with rapid response.

Incident Response is a service in which processes and communication channels are defined and checked in advance so that you can contact Protforce's security experts immediately in the event of a cyber attack. With the help of dedicated devices, which can be reached by our employees even if your Internet fails, they can connect to your IT infrastructure within a very short time to start targeted analyses and initiate emergency measures.

In the process, detailed documentation is created and proof of a compromise is compiled in order to provide defense strategies and practicable countermeasures based on this.