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Incident Response


Incident Response

Almost daily, attacks on companies in a variety of industries become known.

The most dangerous type of successful cyberattack, however, is one that remains undetected for extended periods of time.


If an attacker can move throughout your IT infrastructure undetected, there are various and sometimes unpredictable risks for your company.

Regardless of whether the attacker manipulates processes and data, exfiltrates sensitive information or carries out further attacks from your network, as a compromised company you pose an acute security risk for your business environment.

This means that your partners, suppliers and customers are also exposed to an increased risk of being successfully attacked indirectly through you. For this reason, medium-sized companies are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals.

In order to detect attackers specifically in company networks, the Protforce Incident Response combines a variety of innovative analysis methods.

Incident Response is a live forensic analysis. In a multi-stage procedure, memory images, network traffic and existing protocol data are evaluated to detect malicious software and activities. This assessment is supplemented by the use of special customer-specific honeypots.

The security experts at Protforce document the evidence of a compromise in detail and on this basis, develop defense strategies and practical countermeasures.

On top of this, Protforce investigates whether data from your company is already in circulation illegally.