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Penetration Test

Our attack localizes your weak points

Due to the increasing digitalization of everyday business life, companies are more dependent on high availability systems and applications than ever before.

This is accompanied by increasing demands for data security and confidentiality based on legal requirements and competitive demands.

Attacks on IT systems can occur from anywhere in the world due to the global interconnectedness of systems. This means that the identity of the attackers is just as versatile as the targets and methods.

A steady increase in the intensity and complexity of the attacks can be observed. With every existing weakness and misconfiguration, the probability of a successful attack and the danger of becoming a victim of compromise increases.

The impact of successful cyberattacks are often underestimated. Companies are confronted with a wide variety of scenarios, such as blackmail, espionage, data manipulation and sabotage. The resulting damage to their reputation can quickly reach existentially threatening proportions.

Comprehensive & In-Depth

Have your systems and applications specifically examined for weak points.

Tailored attack scenarios, which are developed especially for each customer, combined with an innovative analysis methodology, guarantee a high level of test coverage to identify potential weaknesses and attack vectors.

Reliable standards from PTES, BSI and OWASP form the basis for this and are consistently developed further by an analysis methodology designed by Protforce.

Any weak points found are processed in a report that conforms to management standards and contains detailed information as well as practical recommendations for action.

Penetration Test:
Your benefits

✓ Reduced need for additional resources from the customer as a result of a solution-oriented approach

✓ Significantly increased detection rate through software-supported and manual testing

✓ Tests according to reliable standards of OWASP, PTES and BSI

✓ Comprehensible and clear reports for customers

✓ Practical recommendations for action to remedy the weak points identified

✓ Support in the elimination of weak points

Penetration Test: Application Examples

Web Applications and Web Services


Desktop und server applications

Embedded devices

IoT-based systems

Cloud-based systems

Corporate networks


Isolated network devices

Windows domains