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Jeremy James Hakelberg

Business Development Manager

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With practicable approaches to more safety and efficiency

Existing IT infrastructures and systems are subject to constant change - Regardless of whether the momentum for this comes directly from your company or indirectly through other factors.


Uncoordinated and unplanned changes increase the risk of serious security breaches. In the context of information technology, the correct configuration and safe operation of systems and applications are essential components for a high level of security. Without the strategic planning of responsibilities and security measures, however, weak points arise during implementation that may lead to the compromise of the company network and its data.

With individual security concepts, companies can make their IT infrastructure more secure, improve performance as well as save time and costs by optimizing processes.

Protforce is able to create individual and sustainable security concepts for the most diverse requirements. Our security experts are experienced in developing a comprehensive security concept for new company locations and the corresponding threat analysis as well as in securely mapping the development of software by creating a so-called Secure Software Development Life Cycle (Secure SDLC).

Security concepts are diverse and must fit your business needs. To ensure this, we adhere to established standards and supplement these with best practices from many years of industry-specific experience.