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Attack Surface Analysis

Which attack vectors does your company unknowingly disclose

Nearly all companies disclose more individual information than they are aware of – the first step to a successful cyberattack.

Targeted attacks require detailed information about the potential target. The information acquisition for an attack takes place, among other methods, via publicly available sources of data. Companies are often unaware which information about deployed technologies, as well as employees, can be researched by anyone effortlessly.

Information of this kind is used by attackers as a starting point for coordinated and targeted as well as broad-based, automated attacks.

Easy & Efficient

Change perspective and judge your external corporate security based on an Attack Surface Analysis.

Protforce analyzes and evaluates all freely available information from the viewpoint of the attacker. The result is an analysis report, which gives a detailed overview of potential attack vectors as well as possible threat scenarios. Beyond that, Protforce offers practical advice for effective countermeasures that can be implemented by your internal IT department.

Because the security experts from Protforce solely use already available information and do not actively execute attack scenarios, business processes remain undisturbed. Test environments or VPN access as well as additional resources from the customer are not required.