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Security Awareness

When the human factor can become your security advantage

Companies deliberately rely on the use of innovative security technologies in order to be able to react adequately to the increase in threat scenarios. However, this only represents one part of a holistic information security strategy.


Due to the virtually complete digitalization of the modern workplace, employees are confronted with a wide variety of often complex attack scenarios in the field of information technology.

In addition, the digital footprint of each individual on the internet is growing. This opens up possibilities for attackers to contact employees via personalized and seemingly authentic messages.

A lack of security awareness and knowledge about potential attacks often leads to the human factor being used as a gateway for compromise.

Expand your defensive security potential and actively integrate your employees into the security strategy.

In order to do justice to a holistic safety standard, it is imperative to take human beings as a factor into consideration. Protforce trains your employees using practical examples based on concrete and real risk scenarios.

Our training concepts are always individually tailored to the needs and situations of our customers.