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Customized solutions that grow with your business

In addition to maintaining information security, the use of security systems and corresponding automation also holds great opportunities for increasing efficiency and transparency within the entire IT.  


One of the greatest challenges in today's information security is the speed at which new vulnerabilities emerge and make IT systems vulnerable to attack within a very short time.

Manual auditing and monitoring of systems quickly reaches its limits, even in medium-sized IT infrastructures, and leads to confusion, unnoticed errors and security gaps, and a fundamental loss of control.

The implementation of security solutions that inventory IT systems, automatically detect security gaps and anomalies, and provide technical managers with important data and insights at any time that contribute to secure and practicable administration is therefore without alternative.

Protforce not only supports you in the consulting and selection of necessary security solutions, but is also able to implement a wide range of relevant systems and validate them.

From systems for IT asset management and vulnerability management to file integrity monitoring, log management and security monitoring (SIEM), we ensure that suitable solutions offer concrete added value for your company.

Our expertise also includes operation as a managed service, regular reviews and professional exchange with your IT operations.

Security systems exist in many forms, but the selection of a solution and its operation must fit your needs and the available capacity.

Protforce draws on many years of experience in various company sizes and industries to provide you with the best possible advice.